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Secret Durham: Halsgrove Discover Series

Secret Durham: Halsgrove Discover Series
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Few cities radiate the sense of timeless power that comes from first glimpsing the commanding prospect of Durham's Castle and Cathedral. Here is a city whose historic core has changed little over the past centuries, a city overlain with details from its splendid past. With a photographer's acute eye for the unusual Philip Nixon here seeks out hidden and fascinating parts of the city of Durham. Over fifty different 'secret' sites are beautifully portrayed through the author's award-winning photo-graphs accompanied by intriguing tales of each location; from little-known corners of Durham's magnificent Cathedral and Castle, to the mysterious story of St Cuthbert's Mist, and the tragic legend of Drummer Boy's Hole. Over 150 photographs are included while Sophy Nixon's illustrations add a delightful touch to each tale. Millions visit Durham annually, drawn not only by its historic attractions but, due to the city's small compass, by the relative ease in which many of its finest features can be explored on foot. Secret Durham has been compiled not only as a source of information and a guide, but also as a tick list of must-see places. Most of the fifty sites included are accessible in a day and many are interlinked through their stories. This celebration of Durham's lesser-known pearls will prove captivating both to visitors and residents alike.

Product Details

ISBN: 9780857042903

Product Code: BKSD

Author: Philip Nixon

Illustrations: Sophy Nixon

Format: Hardback

144 pages

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