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The Coal Boat - Sam Kirk

The Coal Boat - Sam Kirk
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Frustrated by the suffocating cultural apathy of her 1930s northern pit community, teenager Nancy dreams of pursuing an emancipated life in London. When her escape strategy derails, Nancy is forced to carve an alternative path to freedom that challenges her place as a young woman in a changing world. Swept into a heady bohemian London lifestyle, Nancy soon learns that a life lived without restraint comes at a price. As the consequences of her actions mount, she faces a future defined by her past and by life choices made that will reverberate through time. Unapologetic in its exploration of free will within a framework of religious and societal constraint, The Coal Boat is a coming-of-age novel that probes the deepest reaches of aspiration and personal responsibility.

Product Details

ISBN: 9781980387770

Product Code: BKTCB

Author: Sam Kirk

Format: Paperback

354 pages

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