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Secret Sunderland - Marie Gardiner

Secret Sunderland - Marie Gardiner
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Deeply connected to its industrial past, Sunderland enjoys a good hark back.
Any Mackem (a Sunderland native) will be glad to tell you what used to be where, and why you should pay particular attention to a building. In ‘Secret Sunderland’ we discover how a terrible tragedy changed UK law, we uncover mass graves, and find out why there’s a concrete boat stuck to the bed of the River Wear. Secret Sunderland is a literary tour of a remarkable city by the sea, a place bursting with history, with culture and with heart.


Marie Gardiner is a writer and photographer from Sunderland, now living in County Durham. After earning her degree in film and media, she worked as a broadcaster for a number of years, before starting a media company with her partner, which under the banner of Lonely Tower Film & Media, produces historical documentaries.

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Product Details

ISBN: 9781445684093

Product Code: BKSES

Author: Marie gardiner

Format: Paperback

96 pages



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