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The Great Walls of Newcastle: Exploring the City's Ancient Defences

The Great Walls of Newcastle: Exploring the City's Ancient Defences
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Today Newcastle upon Tyne is known as a great city for shopping and culture, or a memorable night out, but for centuries it was a true frontier town; a defensive stronghold against enemies attacking from the North. Local historians, Ken Smith and Tom Yellowley, tell the story of three sets of walls; the Roman Wall, the Town Walls and the walls of the Castle Keep, that helped to shape and protect this ancient settlement for nearly two thousand years. As the dangers of invasion diminished, the towers and turrets of the Town Walls took on new roles as homes for trade guilds, as workshops, and as private dwellings. The Castle Keep and the Black Gate underwent many changes. Full of fascinating historical detail, this book is an invaluable guide to exploring the secrets of Newcastles ancient fortifications some of them in the most unexpected places. A walking tour around the Town Walls is included, along with a fold-out map to show the way. Walls have tongues, said Jonathan Swift, and these walls have many stories to tell.

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ISBN: 9781957952094

Product Code: BKGWNEW

Author: Ken Smith & Tom Yellowley

Format: Paperback

96 pages

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