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The Mitford Family - Nearly A Thousand Years of History

The Mitford Family - Nearly A Thousand Years of History
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How and why did one of England s oldest families come to a crashing end? There are only a few English family names that have instant recognition and resonance. Mention the Mitford family and most people will immediately think of the Mitford sisters, a branch of the family that are associated with scandal, aristocracy, literature and major historic events in the 20th century. However, this book is about the Mitford family, a history that dates from before the Norman conquest to the early years of the 21st century. The mainline family originates from the village of Mitford in Northumberland, where a succession of lords and squires from 1042 have overseen Mitford Castle, Mitford Manor, Mitford Hall, Mitford Church and surrounding farmlands. English Kings have called upon the support of the Mitford family in time of war. Across the British Empire in Asia and Africa the Mitfords played an important role. Family members influenced the creation of Israel and wrote the early history of South Africa. Today, from family archives South African born Hugh Mitford Raymond, great-great grandson, nephew and cousin to the last seven Mitford squires has written the previously untold story of the Mitford family of Mitford, Northumberland. Read the facts and events leading to the tragic ending of nearly 1000 years of family heritage. Across Europe and around the world, you ll find the name Mitford. The dynasty ended when the last squire died in 2002. A story incorporating history, intrigue and betrayal.

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ISBN: 9781903506448

Product Code: BKMF

Author: Hugh Mitford Raymond

Format: Hardback

240 pages

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