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Namedropper - Chris Phipps

Namedropper - Chris Phipps
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When somebody is called a 'Namedropper' it is because they use the names of the famous or infamous in order to impress others.  When Chris Phipps drops a name it is because they have been an integral part of his life in the music, film and television industry, having worked with a cast of thousands.

Modestly, he may mention the time he interviewed The Who's Roger Daltrey, Black Sabbath's Tony Lommi or met legends such as David Bowie, Little Richard, Madonna and Miles Davis.  These extraordinary encounters contrast with a more prosaic life as BBC Birmingham's Black Country correspondent and depicting Yorkshire life in The Dales Diary.

This unorthodox autobiography captures Chris Phipps' memories from the mega famous to the mundane.

Next time you are in the company of a 'Namedropper' compare them to Chris Phipps, who deserves the title in the best sense of the word!

Product Details

ISBN: 9780951048894

Product Code: BKNAM

Author: Chris Phipps

Format: Hardback

120 pages

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