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The Tides of Time: Archaeology on the Northumberland Coast

The Tides of Time: Archaeology on the Northumberland Coast
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Northumberland is renowned for its archaeology. Whislt the coast inparticular is famous for its dramatic castles and sacred islands, the archaeology extends back much further in time - over 6500 years of life, death and religion. This book, based on the Northumberland Coast Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, is much more than a guidebook. It provides an exciting and informed view of the past with many colour reconstructions depicting how life on the Northumberland coast may have looked hundreds and even thousands of years ago. If you have an interest in the past, this book will supply all you need to develop that interest through visiting archaeological remains and perhaps even finding new sites for yourself! Readers will learn how to identify archaeological sites on the coast and what to do if ancient remains come to light. The book guides readers through a variety of themes including the sacred coast and the defended coast. It gives advice on how to develop an interest in archaeology and how to plan trips to see the sites. Visits to the beach and coastal towns will never be the same again. Every walk to the beach will be a trip through time!

Product Details

ISBN: 1873402155

Product Code: BKTOTNC

Authors: Caroline Hardie & Sara Rushton

Published by: Northumberland County Council

Format: Paperback

96 pages

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