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Heaton from Farms to foundries

Heaton from Farms to foundries
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Heaton, the ‘high town’ above the Ouseburn, grew from a tiny settlement of isolated farm houses to a vibrant and bustling suburb of Newcastle, packed with housing, picture palaces and industry, over less than a century. The traces of Heaton’s past, and its changing circumstances, from the days of Heaton Hall to the vast empire of C.A. Parsons & Co., and the origins of Newcastle United Football Club, can still be found hidden in the streets, and the parks. City Guide Alan Morgan accompanies the reader through four fascinating walks through highlights of Heaton’s history. Generously illustrated with archive photos, maps and plans.

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ISBN: 9781857952063

Product Code: BKHFTOFO

Author: Alan Morgan

Format: Paperback

112 pages

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