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Reivers Book (Montlight) by Keith Durham

Reivers Book (Montlight) by Keith Durham
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In the year 1296, Edward 1 of England, in an attempt to terrify the Scottish nation into submission, launched a brutal invasion across the Border, his army devastating the Scottish Lowlands. The Scots, under Wallace and Bruce, retaliated with equal ferocity, and as one outrage followed another the two nations became engulfed in a savage war of attrition that would last 300 years. The Borderland became their battleground, and, in an attempt to wear down the opposition, both kingdoms encouraged their Borderers to harass their embattled neighbours across the "line".

Product Details

ISBN: 9781874101512

Reference Code: BTBR2

Author: Keith Durham & Angus McBride

Format: Paperback

48 pages

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