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Relics of War - Northumberland's Military Remains

An Alnwick man has published a book providing an overview of the 20th-century military remains that can still be found in the county’s countryside.

And Ian Hall hopes that his book, Relics of War – A Guide to the 20th Century Military Remains in the Northumberland Landscape, can spark some interest in preserving them before it’s too late.

The 55-year-old moved up to Morpeth 25 years ago and started noticing different relics and remains across the county.

“Six years ago, I thought ‘there’s more going on here’ and I realised there were no publications relating specifically to Northumberland,” he said. “Nothing has been published, why not do it myself?

“When you start to see these things, it’s increasingly part of our history and it’s collapsing away from us.

“Things are starting to fall to pieces and there’s no real programme of protection.

“It’s about sowing a seed and making people aware so maybe we can start to talk about it.”

Ian gave an example of the underground hides of the Auxiliary Units. There were 18 originally, but only about five now and one collapsed quite recently.

He visited many hundreds of sites during walks in the county, plotting the exact locations, which are included in the book, of trenches, guns, bases and radar sites among others.

Given impetus when he took early retirement from Sanofi, this is the first book Ian has written, published through his own Wanney Books.