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Drove Roads of Northumberland

Droving has been hugely important in shaping farming practice across Northumberland for 1,000 years or more. The necessity of transporting sheep and cattle has changed the landscape, and developed the roads and buildings and at one time, animals would be herded from as far a field as Scotland and Ireland. Today the scene is very different but the legacy of the drovers can still be seen and enjoyed all over the region. Local archaeologists Ian Roberts, Alan Rushworth and Richard Carlton have been determined to preserve this history on behalf of the Northumberland National Park Authority. Following the development of droving in Northumberland from prehistoric times, through Middle Ages, the eighteenth century and right up to date, they offer the definitive history of this important facet of the rural economy.

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ISBN: 9780752442303

Reference Code: BKDRN

Authors: Ian Roberts, Richard Carlton, Alan Rushworth

Format: Paperback

160 pages

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