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MacLauchlan's Dere Street

Henry MacLauchlan was a man of his time.  As well as being an expert surveyor, he was accomplished in both geology and antiquities, while also possessing considerable expertise in the derivation of British place names.  All of these are evident in his writings.

In the mid-19th century, he was commissioned to carry out a survey of Dere Street, the old Roman road which ran from the Tees to the Scottish border.

This was a time when the Roman remains in our landscape were far more visible than they are today.  As such, his work provides a fascinating insight into our nation's history that still informs acrhaeologists today.

This new presentation of his work aims to both preserve the essence of his writings, while making them more accessible to the modern reader.


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ISBN: 9780992732462

Product Code: BKMDS

Presented by: Ian Hall

Format: Paperback

52 pages

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