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The Old Tracks Through the Cheviots - David Jones with Coquetdale Community

Discovering the Archaeology of the Border Roads

The rolling summits of the Cheviots are a landmark of the Border country, with ridges extending into Northumberland and the old Scottish county of Roxburghshire. Since time immemorial roads and tracks have crossed them - ancient routes used for smuggling or droving, reiving or shepherding. Prehistoric settlers, Roman invaders and medieval monks have all left their mark – hill forts, camps, farms, mills and whisky stills. This book follows the old tracks through the hills, describing and bringing to life the patterns in the landscape that might otherwise be overlooked. Blending archaeology with history, it paints a vivid picture of how the uplands have been changed by the people who lived in them and travelled through them. 


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ISBN: 9780995748507

Product Code: BKOTC

Author: David Jones with Coquetdale Community Archaeology

Format: Paperback

224 pages

Fully illustrated with colour throughout

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