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Yeavering People, Power & Place

Neolithic henge, Bronze Age cemetery, Iron Age hillfort and Anglian palace: Yeavering in Northumberland has been a very special place for the best part of 3,000 years and remains a special place today. This book explains why. In 1977, a monograph by the late Brian Hope-Taylor established the significance of Yeavering, particularly for the early medieval period, and it has become something of a monument in its own right for the history of archaeological research and publication. Twenty-five years on, this book, based on a popular conference entitled 'Context, Continuity and Kingship', looks afresh at Yeavering in the light of new work and new approaches, and makes the results of the study of this remarkable place accessible to the general reader.

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ISBN: 9780752433448

Product Code: BKTYEA

Author: Paul Frodsham & Colm O'Brien

Format: Paperback

255 pages

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