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Border Reivers - Osprey (K Durham)

Keith Durham & Angus McBride The story of the Anglo-Scottish borderlands from the wars of King Edward I, 'the Hammer of the Scotts', until the union of the two crowns under the Stewarts, the Border Marches of England and Scotland were torn by a vicious cycle of raid, reprisal and blood feud. It bred a ruthless and resourceful people - at once professional cattle thieves and skilled guerrilla soldiers. Sporting names such as Nebless Clem, Ill Drooned Geordie, Jock Pott the Bastard and Hobb of the Hole, these were the great 'Riding Clans' - the Armstrongs, Grahams, Charltons, Bells, Robsons, Milburns, Nixons, Kerrs, Scotts, Douglases, Maxwells and others - immortalised by Sir Walter Scott, history remembers them as the Border Reivers

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ISBN: 9781855324176

Product Code: BTBR1/01

Author: Keith Durham & Angus McBride

Format: Paperback

48 pages

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