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Historic Galashiels

Nestled into a narrow valley, part in Roxburghshire and part in Selkirkshire, Galashiels owes its development to the Gala Water which provided an ideal source of power for the mills of the woollen industry, while the farms in the surrounding hills initially provided the wool.

This survey looks at the history and archaeology of Galashiels, and aims to pose questions for further investigation.

Medieval settlement in the valley focused around two or three fortified tower houses in what became known as the Old Town.  The first mills were established in the late sixteenth century and the creation of the town as a burgh of barony in 1599 opened the way to prosperity through regular markets.  At the same time, the construction of the Galashiels Dam, a lade which followed the contours of the valley, created a guaranteed flow of water for the numerous mills which had sprung up.  The rapid growth in the population of Scotland from the late eighteenth century created a demand for the town's woollen products.

The surviving buildings reflect the town's development, from post-medieval tower houses to the grand villas and workers' housing of the nineteenth century.  The book concludes with a gazetteer of all the town's mills.

The town has received little archaeological potential to influence future management of Gala's built and natural landscape.




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ISBN: 9781902771809

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Published by: Scottish Borders Council

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