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Coquetdale Camera 1912-1937

Upper Coquetdale was special for W. P. Collier. He enjoyed his visits to the isolated farms, where he could compose his pictures without disturbance, and he knew many of the families, who had often lived there for years. His journey began at Rothbury, the capital of Coquetdale and the home of photographer John Worsnop (1856-1938) and local historian David Dippie Dixon (1842-1929). Then came the villages of Thropton, Hepple, Sharperton, Holystone and Harbottle. A detour brought him to the farms along the Alwin. Biddlestone Hall, the old seat of the Selby family, and to the lofty shooting lodge at Kidlandlee, built by Christopher John Leyland of Haggerston Castle. W. P. Collier took many of his pictures when the road beyond Alwinton was no more than a narrow track, which crossed the Coquet by a series of fords. A favorite place was Barrowburn, the home of Mary Barton, Eliza and George Murray, and their daughter Mary. His final stop, 24 miles from Rothbury, was the lonely farm of Mackendon.

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Author: W P Collier

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