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South Shields in the 1950s

The 1950s proved to be a period of great change in South Shields, when residents were beginning to put their lives back together after the Second World War. New housing estates and factories were built, bringing increased prosperity to the area. The decade also brought rock ‘n’ roll and late nights out on the town, allowing young people to experience the new nightclubs opening up in the area. Now a time of nostalgia, it was a period when people began looking forwards to the future, not back at the horrors of war, to kick up their heels and have fun.

In South Shields in the 1950s, local author Eileen Burnett explores this significant period in the area’s history and brings it to life. The book contains evocative images that will transport the reader back to these joyful, progressive years.

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ISBN: 9781445651828

Product Code: BKSS1950

Author: Eileen Burnett

Format: Paperback

128 pages

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Price: £ 15.99