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Sunderland Industrial Giant

Recollections of Working Life

Sunderland was once one of Britain’s industrial giants. Famous for its shipyards, mines and glass-making, it thrived at a time when its country needed it most. After the Second World War the town saw incredible change, as the heavy industry that seemed so permanent, faded and died.

How do you cope with the loss of centuries of working tradition? These are the stories of the people who worked through this evolution, watched their town change around them and become a city – the people who saw the end of an era and who faced an uncertain future.


MARIE GARDINER is a professional photographer and writer. After earning her degree in film and media, she worked as a broadcaster for a number of years before starting up a media company with her partner. She now writes articles, educational tutorials and content, for businesses around the world. Marie also produces historical documentaries for exhibitions and television under Lonely Tower Film & Media. She lives in County Durham.

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ISBN: 9780750981200

Paperback 128 pages

Marie Gardiner

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