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A New Heaven and A New Earth: St Cuthbert and the Conquest of the North: Katharine Tiernan Book 3

The Harrying of the North...

In 1069 Northumbria is in revolt against Norman rule. William the Conqueror’s brutal reprisal devastates the province and brings untold suffering to its people. Caught between the Northumbrian rebels and their new Norman masters, the Community of Saint Cuthbert at Durham is struggling to survive.

But the mysterious influence of the Saint brings aid from the furthest corners of the kingdom—and from some of the least likely of his followers:

    • Thorgot, an Anglo-Norse adventurer from Lincoln on the run from the Normans
    • Edith, the repudiated wife of Durham’s dean
    • Aldwyn, a visionary monk of Winchcombe

Extraordinary twists of destiny draw the three together to bring about a new order from the ashes of the old. By the time the foundation stone is laid for a new cathedral at Durham, their lives have changed for ever and the survival of the shrine is assured.

A gripping story of violence, heartbreak and redemption that brings the trilogy of novels about Northumbria’s warrior saint to a dramatic conclusion.

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ISBN: 9781789591255

Paperback: 302 pages

Author: Katharine Tiernan

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