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Cuthbert of Farne - Katharine Tiernan Book 1

What made a young Anglo-Saxon warrior lay down his sword and enter a monastery? Why would he turn his back on wealth and position – and women? Seventh-century England is a time of war and religious divisions that threaten to split the Church. As a reconciler and peace-maker he is much loved by those around him, and his antagonist, the powerful Bishop Wilfrid, respects him. When Cuthbert’s vocation takes him to the windswept solitude of Inner Farne, his long-foretold destiny lies in wait for him. He is summoned back to become the most powerful churchman in the land. This gripping historical novel takes us to the heart of Cuthbert’s world and sheds new light on the life and times of the North’s favourite saint.


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ISBN: 9781789590098

Product Code: BKCOF

Author: Katharine Tiernan

Format: Paperback

290 pages

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Price: £ 12.99