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Ghosts & Legends of Northumbria

Tragic tales of brave knights who attempt to rescue beautiful maidens: Sir Guy at Dunstanburgh and the sad tale of the Hermit of Warkworth... Haunted houses and castles: Knaresdale Hall, Haughton Castle, Chillingham Castle, Bellister Castle and Featherstonehaugh...Mysterious appearances of White Ladies, Silky and Meg o'Meldon... Legends of St. Cuthbert and King Arthur...Ghosts of murder victims appear at Willington Mill, South Shields, Lumley Mill and in Weardale...Fantastical beasts: The Laidley Worm of Spindleston, near Bamburgh and the legendary Lambton Worm...

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ISBN: 9780955540677

Product Code: BKGAL

Published by: Northern Heritage

Format: Paperback

60 pages

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