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Northumberland Strange but True

Northumberland: Strange But True brings together a series of unusual, curious and altogether extraordinary buildings, incidents and people from all parts of the county. Included in these pages are the amazing achievements of Sir Charles Algernon Parsons, inventor of the steam turbine and a range of optical instruments, as well as the eccentric exploits of Ned Coulson from Haydon Bridge and the outrageous antics of the Delaval family. The buildings featured include the majestic Brizlee Tower at Alnwick, Seaton Delaval's Starlight Castle and Sharp's Folly - part of a scheme to help unemployed people. On a smaller scale, there are puzzling theories associated with Neolithic cup and ring stones, rock carvings and Heddon on Tyne's Kissing Stone. Northumberland is also home to some obscure customs, such as Allendale's New Year ceremony and Shrove Tuesday football match at Alnwick; while the amazing stories of Chillingham's wild cattle annd Warkworth's hermitage are also included, along with reminders of earlier glories at Bamburgh, Bywell and Belam. Using a range of illustrations, from old and recent photographs to maps, prints, paintings and engravings, Robert Woodhouse tells an entertaining story - an alternative history of Northumberland that will fascinate residents and visitors alike.

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ISBN: 9780750940672

Product Code: BKNST

Author: Robert Woodhouse

Format: Paperback

144 pages

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