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A Walker's Guide to the History of Northumberland

This book draws on and brings together two facets of Northumberland, the diverse and beautiful landscape and the fascinating and hugely important history of the area, which make it a truly outstanding place to visit and wander through. With a narrative that takes the reader through over 10,000 years of history and 31 walks which explore the areas where it all happened, this is an essential guide for all those who like to enjoy the countryside and the history within it. Northumberland boasts a huge diversity in the character of its landscape. From the wild uplands of the Cheviot Hills and North Pennines, to the fertile valleys of the Tyne and Tweed and on to the magnificent cliffs and sweeping beaches of the coastal fringe, the county has almost everything. The history is very special too, with some of the most influential events in British history having happened here. Stone, Bronze and Iron Age people, Romans, Dark Age Warlords and Christians, Reivers and Industrialists have all left their mark. It s all there to be discovered if you know where to look.

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ISBN: 9781910758168

Product Code: BKWGHN

Author: Andrew Lowes

Format: Paperback

224 pages

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