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Pride of the Tyne - Keith Durham

This lively work explores life on Tyneside from the personal viewpoints of the authors, tracing its progress from the Roman times into the Noughties.  It leads us through the economic prosperity of coal and shipbuilding, the effects of plague, fire and wars, and the expansions and developments from Medieval to Modern times.

Beginning with tiny settlements on the banks of the River Tyne where it all began, we are offered an insight into the growth of Newcastle upon Tyne, gateshead, North and South Shields and their environs through the ages, right down to the present day.

On the way, we meet with a pantheon of prestigious inventors, engineers, architects, industrialists and entrepreneurs, all hailing from Tyneside, who have not only made and transformed the North East, but also influenced the very course of world history with their ingenious inventions, buildings and investment.  Tribute is paid to Tyneside's vibrant, adaptable and industrious people who have made the achievements of these centuries possible.

Fascinating glimpses of Tyneside during its roller-coaster history are offered by the authors in a clear and engaging style. 

The book is amply illustrated with over 32 pages of superb colour and black and white photographs, proving without doubt why Tynesiders are proud to call this region their home.

Anyone who wants to learn more about the history of Tyneside and its people will find this book a truly enjoyable and memorable read.


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ISBN: 9780995748576

Product Code: BPOTP

Authors: Keith Durham & Maire West

Format: Paperback

116 pages

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Price: £ 9.99