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Coal Mine Operations Manual - Chris McNab

History - Engineering - Technology - Safety

This manual explains the evolution of British coal mining from a technical and engineering standpoint from the 18th to the 20th century, the heyday of British mining. The book explains the history and technology both above and below ground, exploring the pit head surface machinery and the transportation networks that fed into it, and the personal kit and equipment of individual miners. It also looks at how successive generations of mining engineers have met the perennial challenges and dangers of mining: pressure from millions of tons of rock and earth above; water drainage; fire and gas explosions; roof and seam collapse; underground illumination; ventilation; disease and accidents. * Published in association with the Big Pit Museum, Wales * Includes interviews and anecdotes from miners and engineers * Reveals what it was really like to work in a coal mine, and live in the community it fostered.

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ISBN: 9781785217142

Hardback 156 pages

Author: Chris McNab

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