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Collins Food for Free

When Food for Free was first published in 1972 it became an instant cult success.  Launching an awareness of seasonal, fresh, local and unusual produce, it was ahead of its time.  But its aim was to rekindle that lost traditional art of gathering our food from natural, wild sources.

Beautifully illustrated, Food for Free helps you identify 240 wild foods, including fungi, seaweed, shellfish, roots, vegetables, herbs, spices, flowers, fruits and nuts.  With a new foreward and recipes, it also suggests the best ways to cook and eat them to discover their delicious and often exotic falvours and aromas.

More than 30 years on, Richard Mabey's classic guide continues to inspire and whet the appetite for the natural ingredients around us.


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ISBN: 9780007952953

Product Code: BKCGFF

Author: Richard Mabey

Format: Paperback

272 pages


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