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Armstrong The Great Gun Maker

This book tells the story of William Armstrong, one of the nineteenth century's leading arms manufacturers who, along with Alfred Krupp, owner of the famous German weapons factory, competed for international orders and sold to anyone - at a price. He was a shrewd businessman, and after stumbling into the armaments business almost by accident, turned a small factory into a huge arms concern employing 20,000. Whilst amassing a personal fortune, Armstrong also helped to create Newcastle-upon-Tyne as one of the world's greatest industrial centres. Lord Armstrong, who made his home at Cragside in Northumberland, was also a first-class scientist whose special interests were hydraulics and electricity.

Cragside House, Country Park and Gardens are owned and cared for by the National Trust, a charity dependent on the voluntary support of its members and the public.

You can join the National Trust and visit its houses and gardens while helping the Trust continue its care of them.

For more information visit www.nationaltrust.co.uk

About the author: Dr David Dougan, now retired, was a journalist and arts administrator. For a number of years he worked for the BBC as an industrial and political correspondent. He then moved into arts administration where he has been successively Director of Northern Arts, Director of the Crafts Council, and Arts Development Officer for Essex County Council. He is the author of numerous books on industrial themes.

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ISBN: 9780993116131

Product Code: BKAGGM

Author: David Dougan

Format: Paperback

176 pages


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