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A Short History of Dinnington

When, in 1996, “Dinnington An Ordinary Village”, was published, I thought at the time it would sell about 300 copies and satisfy everyone’s curiosity about the history of the village. I was wrong on both counts; the print run went to 600 and is now unavailable. I have been constantly asked when I intended to produce another. The answer was usually never; however, with the opening up of more estate papers and some very interesting archaeological finds and a personal archive of pictures, maps and documents I found my interest re-awakened, so here is a much expanded and revised History of Dinnington.

In a place like Dinnington in the early days of photography, cameras were very rare and mainly of the cheaper variety and the owners were naturally interested in taking pictures of people than of things than what would become historically interesting to future generations. That is why there are a lot of pictures of people in the book; however, they are often posed in front of some long gone building and this makes their inclusion doubly worthwhile. I also apologise for the quality of some of the photographs but even in their grainy and faded state they are a valuable record of past times.

I am deeply grateful to the late Alan Biggins and his wife June for the editing and general tidying up of the manuscript and to Alan for his rewriting of the prehistoric chapter and for introducing me to and allowing me to participate with him in the archaeology of the area.

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Paperback 152 pages


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