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Heritage Sites in the Borders

Borders Heritage

The hills of the Scottish Borders were formed over hundreds of millions of years from ocean sediments, desert sands and volcanic lavas.  They were shped by colossal earth movements and smoothed by vast glaciers, the last of which melted less than 15,000 years ago.

After the Ice Age, woodland covered the region and this became home to early hunting people. whose descendants gradually removed the trees to build their homes and clear the land for cultivation.

The population grew and two nations developed, which was to define the hsitoric role of the region.  Castles and towers outnumber medieval abbeys and churches, thereby reflecting the violence that consumed the Borders between 1300 and 1600.

After 1700 the landscape was planted up with many trees and hedges, arable land was reorganised, rural cottages were rebuilt and towns expanded, linked by new turnpike roads and railways.  In both towns and countryside the need for building has left a magnificent architectural heritage, which matches the natural beauty of the region.

This book is intended to help people visit and enjoy places with historic associations as part of a wider heritage that includes other cultural and natural aspects of the Scottish Borders.


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