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Walks in Tynedale and Allendale - David Haffey

South-west Northumberland is probably best known for the impressive remains of Hadrian's Wall that straddle the high cliffs of the Whin Sill escarpment and are still a potent reminder of a long-lost empire. The upland landscapes that provide the setting for the Wall give meaning to the description of Northumberland as the land of the far horizon' and convey a very tangible sense of the Wilderness and tranquility - for which the area is renowned. To the south of the Wall, the South Tyne and Allen valleys are perhaps a little less spectacular but they have a very special character and charm which owe much to their distinctive cultural and historic heritage. Along this northern edge of the North Pennines there are rivers, woods, farms and moors that are riddled with footpaths and bridleways, With a smattering of pleasant village pubs for the thirsty walker. The geology of this area is especially fascinating with rich veins of ore that for centuries have been mined for lead, silver, copper, iron, fluospar and other minerals. This industrial past is etched into the landscape and culture of the valleys and can be seen in the remains of former mine workers' cottages and old Methodist chapels and along the pack horse trails that were used to carry the ore and metal ingots over the moors to Tyneside. This book describes ten circular walks that offer you the opportunity to explore and enjoy this fascinating and beautiful part of Northumberland. The routes vary in length from about 4 to 6 miles and take in a variety of different landscapes, from the hills and moors above Slaley (Walk 4) and along Hadrian's Wall (Walk 7) to the riverside woodlands near Featherstone (Walk 9) and Hexham (Walk 2) and the remoter valleys of the North Pennines at Spartylea (Walk 5) and Slaggyford (Walk 10). These walks have been chosen to show you some of the most attractive and interesting parts of south west Northumberland and it is hoped that the interpretive notes will help you to enjoy and learn about the natural, cultural and historic heritage of this area and to understand the human and natural forces that have shaped the landscape we see today.L Should you wish to buy some refreshments during your day out, the introduction to each walk gives the location of nearby restaurants and cafes, pubs and shops which we hope you will support during your visit.

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ISBN: 9780955638343

Product Code: BWTAA

Author: David Haffey

Format: Spiralbound Paperback

68 pages

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