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Gateshead from Old Photographs

Old photographs allow us to relive the past and the lives of the people in it, and through 162 superbly preserved images Gateshead From Old Photographs provides a spectacular insight to the lives of those who lived in this popular north-east town. Gateshead has had a rich history and throughout the twentieth century it has experienced huge changes. Major slum-clearance programmes resulted in wholescale demolition of some areas and a renovation of the entire landscape as many streets and buildings were lost to locals. Through beautifully maintained archive photographs this book allows a nostalgic look back at a period that is gone but not forgotten and is a fitting tribute to the memories of time gone by.

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ISBN: 9781445646800

Product Code: BKGIOP

Authors: Sandra Brack, Margaret Hall & Anthea Lang

Format: Paperback

96 pages


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