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Old Amble and Warkworth

As the author points out in his introduction Amble is (relatively) new and Warkworth is old. The coming of the railway in the 1840s turned Amble from a small settlement into a sizeable town with a decent harbour and pits around the town. Alas, by the 1960s the pits had closed and the future looked uncertain, but its position in a tourist area and its reputation for friendliness have been exploited with some success. In the second half of this little book, which deftly combines period photographs with potted history – told through lengthy and informative captions – the story of the rise and fall of Amble is told. By contrast the first part of the book feature the older town of Warkworth and deals with the castle, the development of the medieval town and later aspects such as the arrival of the railway and Church Lads Brigade camps. The wee village of Hauxley is featured too!

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ISBN: 9781840336580

Product Code: BKOAW

Author: Guthrie Hutton

Format: Paperback

48 pages

57 Illustrations

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Price: £ 10.95