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The Conquest of Morpeth - Children's Book

“Stories of battles, romance and wickedness”

A retelling for children by Bridget Gubbins of the Norman conquest of Morpeth, with illustrations by Susan Dibben.

Once upon a time the Normans came to Northumberland. After fearsome battles, they conquered Morpeth and made the people build a castle. These are the stories about how it happened, told by children who were there:

  • Boys who became soldiers and learned to kill
  • Girls who were made to marry men they hadn’t chosen
  • A poor village girl who had to do the dirty jobs, and the Lord who was afraid of the devils

There wasn’t always a “happy ever after” ending. Read these stories and find out who won and who lost; who was brave and who was afraid.

Draw your own pictures.

Answer the question: What do you think about the lives of those children?

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ISBN: 9780956868374

Paperback 40 pages

Author: Bridget Gubbins

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