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St Cuthbert's Corpse: A Life After Death

The miracle of St Cuthbert's incorrupt corpse has been the subject of much fascination since his death over thirteen-hundred years ago, inspiring pilgrims, monks, and even the construction of Durham Cathedral itself. Throughout the centuries, Cuthbert's coffin has been opened on six occasions. For the first time, accounts of these openings have been brought together in a single volume, providing a unique history of the saint from his death to the present day.

Including details of his death and burial, the moment when monks first discovered his remains to be incorrupt, and the most recent exhumation of his relics in 1899, David Willem brings alive the mystery and intrigue of the life of Cuthbert's corpse, and tries to answer questions such as, "When did the corpse decay?" and, "Is Cuthbert still buried in Durham Cathedral?"


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ISBN: 9781908381156

Product Code: BKSTCC

Author: David Willem

Format: Paperback

100 pages

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