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A-Z of Barnard Castle & Teesdale

The book explores some of the most influential people, unusual places and social histories to provide an exciting new view of a town that was important to many kings, as well as kingmakers including Richard III. The authors also disclose old maps and stories from Upper Teesdale. Discover how a boy born to the premier Anglo-Norman family of the town became King of Scotland but was later forced to abdicate and imprisoned in the Tower of London. Rarely seen artefacts, from a now demolished church thought to be Saxon in origin, will be explored and may define the origins of the town built along an old Roman road. With access to a wealth of old photographs and the archives of the impressive Bowes Museum, the authors also reveal, for the first time, a sketch of the town from the early 1700s by one of the renowned Buck brothers.

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ISBN: 9781445697420

Product Code: BKAZB

Authors: Andrew Graham Stables & Gary David Marshall

Format: Paperback

96 pages

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Price: £ 15.99