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Men of Iron - M W Flinn

Last published in 1962, this renowned work of industrial and social history is now made available to a new generation by the Land of Oak & Iron, thanks to the kind permission of the author's sons, Mark and Hugh Flinn. Until the Land of Oak & Iron Project brought the site to public attention, the fact that Winlaton, Winlaton Mill and Swalwell had been the site of the largest early ironworks in Europe was largely forgotten. We may never know why Sir Ambrose Crowley chose the Derwent Valley as the manufacturing and distribution centre for his London-based company, but what we do know, thanks to this masterly account, is how: how he thought and sounded; how he ran his empire; and importantly, how he created an enlightened welfare system for his workers and their families at the dawn of the Industrial Revolution.

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ISBN: 9780244439255

Paperback 304 pages

Authors Michael Walter Flinn (author, Mark & Hugh Flinn (foreward), Bill Lancaster (introduction), Val Scully (Preface). 

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