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Cycle Rides in Northumberland and Beyond - Volume 2 - Ted Liddle


This second volume, easy-to-follow book features thirty-three carefully selected cycle rides in Northumberland, Tyneside and beyond, many of which are ridable on a gravel bike, mountain bike or a suitable e-bike. Additionally, there are seven excellent road bike routes in tucked-away parts of Northumberland mostly following amazingly quiet roads.    

The first fifteen routes are probably the best of their grade and type in Northumberland, followed by eleven fabulous routes that span the wider region and differing quite markedly. Route 31 straddles into Cumbria and the last pair are two and three-day versions of the author’s favourite Gravel Bike Tour of the Three Northumberland Dales.  

All the off-road routes follow a mix of tracks, bridleways, old ‘roads’, historical byways, several waggonways and a few permissive paths interlinked by lightly-trafficked country lanes.  

The rides are generally between 40 km and 70 km long (25 miles and 40 miles) graded from easy through moderate to difficult with the odd very difficult section. The routes are mainly suitable for intermediate to competent cyclists with a few easier loops which mostly follow disused railway tracks.  

The concise maps and accompanying texts are the key to getting the very best out of your cycle rides. You’ll discover new areas, hidden nooks and crannies and visit places you didn’t know existed. Undoubtedly, Northumberland & Beyond is a fascinating area to explore awheel!   

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ISBN: 9781916237650

Ringbound 160 pages



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