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Hadrian & His Wall - Paul Frodsham

Everyone has heard of Hadrian's Wall, and hundreds of thousands of people visit it every year.  But who was Hadrian? What exactly is the Wall and why was it built? And to what extent was it Hadrian's personal work?

Archaeologist Paul Frodsham has worked in northern England for more than two decades, and has published several popular books about various aspects of Northumbrian archaeology.  Here, he turns his attention to Hadrian's Wall and its origins.  Some observations may surprise many readers; in particular, perhaps, the fact we do not know for sure why the Wall was built, or even what it looked like.  But these problems in many ways add to its allure, and certainly do not detract from the book's ultimate objective, a judgement as to the extent to which Hadrian was personally involved in the design of his Wall.

The book should be of interest to anyone seeking a better understanding of the Wall.  Whether you are a walker on the National Trail, a tourist visiting one of the great Wall forts, a serious student of the Wall, or just someone with a general interest in the wonderful archaeological heritage of northern England, this book provides a thought-provoking new approach to the study of one of the world's most famous ancient monuments.



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ISBN: 9780957286030

Product Code: BKHAHW

Author: Paul Frodsham

Published by: Northern Heritage

Format: Paperback

186 pages


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