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Hadrian's Wall by Roger Clegg

In this coffee table book of photographs of Hadrian's Wall, Roger Clegg uses this iconic Roman frontier to showcase his breathtaking images. Roger has captured a myriad of contrasting moods and landscapes, often at times of day and seasons of the year that few visitors ever see - blazing skies at dawn and dusk, veils of mist lifting from the crags or freshly fallen snow banked against the familiar stonework. A brief history of the forts and remains along the Wall accompanies the book.

Published in association with UNESCO Hadrian's Wall World Heritage site, this book is a perfect souvenir for anyone visiting the Wall. 

Written by archaeologist Paul Frodsham.


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ISBN: 9781739486105

Hardback 128 pages
Photography by Roger Clegg
Text by Paul Frodsham

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