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The Battle of Flodden 1513

The Battle of Flodden in 1513 was the largest battle ever to take place between England and Scotland. James IV himself led an army of 30,000 men over the border into England, ostensibly in revenge for the murder of a Scotsman, but in reality to assist their ally the French by diverting the forces of Henry VIII. Yet the Scots were hampered by old-fashioned weapons and tactics, whereas the English deployed more accurate artillery and their vaunted longbowmen. When King James IV was killed while leading a charge, and many of their officers died, the Scots were left in disarray and the English victory was decisive. As the first new history of the battle in a decade, this authoritative and eye-opening account marks the 500th anniversary and brings our knowledge of the conflict up to date. Expert knowledge and detailed maps look at the key events, the 1135 campaign and the minor battles of Millfield and Norham, and a full profile of the respective forces and deployments, and convey the battle’s course concisely and clearly. A key read for those interested in military history or the period in general.

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ISBN: 9780752465371

Product Code: BKTBOF1513

Authors: John Sadler & Rose Serdiville

Format: Paperback

256 pages



By John Sadler & Rose Serdiville
By John Sadler & Rose Serdiville
By John Sadler & Rose Serdiville

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