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Historical Maps of Alnwick & Alnmouth from Earliest Times to 1918 Map

A full colour map, based on digitised OS maps of Alnwick and Alnmouth of about 1920, with its Anglo-Saxon and medieval past overlain and important buildings picked out. The map’s cover has a short introduction to the area’s history, and on the reverse an illustrated and comprehensive gazetteer of Alnwick’s and Alnmouth’s main sites of historic interest. The back of the map has coloured early views of buildings, monuments and street scenes of Alnwick and Alnmouth. The map has been created by a team of people representing the various historical societies of Alnwick and Alnmouth, a number of individuals with specific local knowledge and the curators of local historical collections, including the extensive archives of both the Duke of Northumberland and Bailiffgate Museum. Members of the team have previously produced works on particular aspects of the area’s history, including the town itself, local heritage heroes, the Abbey, the Shrovetide Football Game and the district during the Great War.

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