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North East Steam 1948 - 1968 - Peter Tuffrey

Great photographs of locomotives on railways in the North East of England in the final years of steam traction.
Compiled with thoroughly researched, informative captions.
Beautifully produced in hardback with rare and previously unseen images in colour and black and white.

Once the industrial heartland of Britain, North East England had a bustling network of railways. Whether on the East Coast Main Line, local branches or industrial tracks, there was much of interest for the railway enthusiast.
Over 200 colour and black-and-white photographs are presented here at a number of locations across the area, such as: Bishop Auckland, Darlington, Durham, Gateshead, Middlesbrough, Newcastle, Sunderland, and Stockton. The highly-evocative scenes have been captured by several well-known photographers at stations, sheds, workshops and the lineside.
Many of the classes associated with the North East are included: Gresley A3, A4, D49, V2; Peppercorn A1 and K1; Thompson B1; Raven Q6 and Q7; Worsdell J27; War Department ‘Austerity’; British Railways 9F.
Several industrial locomotives are seen at work at places such as Ashington Colliery, Lambton Colliery, Pallion Shipyard, etc.
Coupled with interesting and informative captions, North East Steam presents a vibrant, though sadly long-lost era of British history.

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ISBN: 9781914227240

Product Code: BKNES

Author: Peter Tuffrey

Format: Hardback

144 pages

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