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Northumberland Rocks - Ian Jackson

Discover the amazing story of Northumberland’s rocks and landscape told through images and expert understanding of 50 extraordinary places.

Full-colour photographs and easy to follow descriptions ensure this story is accessible to everyone.

Northumberland’s rocks have had a long and eventful 425 million year history. And because of those wonderful rocks we are blessed with outstanding scenery and landscapes.

This book opens a window into the Northumberland beneath your feet and reveals the origins of its landscape and its habitats. The book encourages you to look at your landscapes with fresh eyes and will inspire you to explore some, or maybe even all, of these 50 places.

Places where you can climb over remnants of old volcanoes, experience the incredible power of ancient earthquakes, wander across a foreshore that was once a sub-tropical swamp, witness the awesome force of the last ice sheet, or simply wonder at the ingenuity of our ancestors who used those rocks in so many ways to create our shared heritage.

You will never look at your landscape in the same way again.

This book is a partnership production between Northumberland Wildlife Trust and Northern Heritage Services.  


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ISBN: 9781916237674

Paperback 114 pages

Author Ian Jackson


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