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Paranormal Northumberland - Rob Kirkup

With a history as rich, yet bloody, as Northumberland has, it comes as little surprise that the county is widely regarded as being one of the most haunted in Britain. In Paranormal Northumberland, local author Rob Kirkup draws on contemporary and historical sources to investigate some of the famous and lesser-known haunted locations in the county. This compilation includes ghostly monks that walk the grounds of Blanchland Abbey after being killed by bandits, and the Pink Lady of Bamburgh Castle who is seen eternally falling from the castle to the rocks below. He also explores Chillingham Castle, regarded as one of the scariest places in the country, if not the world, where the torturer John Sage is said to lurk in its ancient dungeons to this day. Illustrated throughout, this book will be of interest to anyone who wants to discover more about the county’s haunted and hidden heritage.

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ISBN: 9781445698984

Paperback 96 pages

Rob Kirkup 


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