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George & Robert Stephenson - Robin Jones

The story of railway engineers George and Robert Stephenson is one of the greatest ever told. The offspring of an illiterate colliery hand and his son developed the steam locomotive concept to the point where it became universally accepted as the primary mode of land transport,and in doing so not only paved the way for the British railway network, but opened up the five continents with rapid communication and changed the world in a way that emperors and kings with all their might had never managed. Their locomotive Rocket was not the first in the world, but in terms of transport technology it was the turning point that provides the essential link between the Industrial Revolution and the modern world of today. Together with I.K. Brunel, George and Robert Stephenson were the towering giants of British - and world - engineering in the nineteenth century, inspiring generations in the years since.

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ISBN: 9780857100573

Product Code: BKGRST

Author: Robin Jones

Format: Hardback

64 pages

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