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The Stephenson Railway Legacy

George Stephenson was born in 1781, the son of a Northumberland colliery engineman. Within a hundred years of his birth his railway legacy had opened up vast tracts of the planet, many of those routes engineered by George himself or his son Robert. Their locomotive factory at Newcastle upon Tyne soon outgrew its premises and a much larger site was founded at Darlington.

The father and son are well known for their pioneering work on the Stockton & Darlington and Liverpool & Manchester railways, but they engineered more than locomotives. Robert is responsible for some of the world’s most innovative and impressive bridges and the company the Stephensons founded continued (as Robert Stephenson Hawthorn) to build locomotives for a burgeoning worldwide market for well over a century. This book will tell its story and show its global influence.

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ISBN: 9781445676548

Product Code: BKTSRL

Authors: Colin Alexander & Alon Siton

Format: Paperback

96 pages


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