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Roman Britain - Hobbs & Jackson

An accessible, highly illustrated introduction to the history, society, culture and art of Britain when it was a province of the Roman Empire Sales points A readable and attractive presentation of Britains Roman heritage High-profile subject, as 2010 is the 1600th anniversary of the end of Roman Britain Contains beautiful new photography of recently discovered artefacts Based on the latest research, the first all-new book on this subject published by the British Museum in nearly 20 years Description For nearly four centuries Britain was a province on the outer edge of the Roman Empire and developed a distinctively Romano-British culture and way of life. Using the archaeological evidence, ancient written sources and the latest research on surviving artefacts from a childs leather shoe to fascinating letters, from the monumental bronze head of the emperor Hadrian to hoards of stunning gold and silver a picture of Roman Britain is brought vividly to life. Whether for a Roman soldier on the northern frontier or a native British farmer; for a pagan British king or a Christian Roman lady living in a villa, the diversity of lifestyles, experiences and cultures is revealed. Native British traditions of trade and craftsmanship merged with the imported Roman styles and practices to create a unique cultural synthesis, the legacy of which is still visible today in British landscapes, architecture, art and society. The Authors Ralph Jackson and Richard Hobbs are curators of Romano-British antiquities in the British Museum.

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ISBN: 9780714150611

Product Code: BKRBLEE

Authors: Richard Hobbs & Ralph Jackson

Format: Paperback

160 pages

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