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Roman Forts in Britain

The Roman military remains in Britain are of outstanding importance. More than a tenth of the army's total strength was stationed in Britain, out of all proportion to the size of the province. In the last 30 years new techniques of investigation have been developed and, above all the sensational discovery of the Vindolanda tablets tells us much about the daily life in a frontier fort in Britain. Focusing on the auxiliary forts that were occupied from the second century onwards, Paul Bidwell looks at: the plans and functions of forts; the everyday life of officers and men; what the study of finds tells us about supply systems; and, how forts were adapted during the decline of the empire. This book is a must for anyone with an interest in Roman Britain.

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ISBN: 9780752441078

Product Code:BKRFIB

Author: Paul Bidwell

Format: Paperback

176 pages

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