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Roman Towns in Britain

Today, Britain's Roman towns survive in numerous different forms: from the earthworks of small roadside settlements in Lincolnshire, to the unending new discoveries from deep beneath London's busy modern streets, and great ruins at Leicester and Wroxeter.  They bear witness to Britain's first period as a single political, social and economic entity, and they helped form the framework modern Britain is still built around.

This is a completely updated edition of the author's well-known book on the subject, taking into account a vast amount of new work and discoveries over the last decade.  He examines four centuries of Romano-British history, from the ramshackle streetside developments in the opening years of the conquest, right through to the archaeological mysteries of the third and fourth centuries.

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ISBN: 9780752429199

Product Code: BKRTIB

Author: Guy De La Bedoyere

Format: Paperback

224 pages

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